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Lisa Ries
Running to Reach New Heights in Life

Lisa Ries is a professional runner and a stunning sports celebrity. Known as a talent runner, she is often the focus of attention on the track. During her junior high school days, she was hailed as a talented athlete. She once won the women’s 1500-meter championship in the National High School Athletic Games in 2005, repeating the honor for three consecutive years. Her record of 4 minutes and 30.83 seconds, which has not yet been broken by anyone else, is not only a brilliant result, but also a testament of her hard work and perseverance. She is indeed a role model to encourage all athletes and sports enthusiasts.



Q & A

Q: How do you start your day?

A: After getting up, I will give myself 10 minutes torecollect my center of gravity back to myself. I will not touch my mobile phone but rather focus my mind to feel the presence of the moment and the flow of my blood.

Then, I will think about what the goal should be for today, how to execute it, what kind of person I want to be, and what I can do to make myself happy. I will take a deep breath, exhale, do some imagery training, and motivate myself to move forward towards the goal with all my efforts.


Q: What places do you visit regularly?

A: Track and field stadiums and anywhere I can run. As long as the track conditions are not too bad, I can train myself there. Maybe I will run beside you! (LOL)
I train myself almost every day because I want to be a professional athlete.


Q: What restaurants do you visit most often?

A:The dining table at home is where we frequent the most. Concerned very much about whether the foods we eat are fresh and if artificial flavors are added, we prefer to prepare all the ingredients by ourselves. After all, self-prepared food is relatively safer.

For family or friend gatherings, we often go to a restaurant called “Smokey Joe’s”, where a rich variety of dishes are offered, and its decor and table settings are very unique. It is quite popular in Kaohsiung and many people must have eaten there!

I love their garlic bread the most!! It tastes crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. It is the best garlic bread that I have ever eaten. The taco platters are also recommended; the nachos are very crispy, and the salad is very fresh; with salsa sauce and bean paste mixed with cheese, it tastes so refreshing and is rich in cheese flavor. It is super delicious!!

Please visit their website at www.smokeyjoes.com.tw


Q: What is your after-work entertainment?

A: Training takes up most of my time. So, I always try to spend more time with my children and family as much as possible. We like to go outdoors as much as possible. As I don’t like my children to be too dependent and unadventurous, I usually take them to the mountains and the beaches on holidays.


Q: What book have you read recently? What thoughts or feelings did you have about the book?

A: After reading A New Earth: Awakening to Your Life’s Purpose authored by Eckhart Tolle, my way of thinking has changed a great deal.

I don’t think people should label me as “talent runner,” “model” or “athlete.” I want to drop all of them. I learn to know who I am, my true self. We have a lot of self in our heart, and there may be many different voices. Sometimes, you need to calm down and think if it is your true self. If you can find your own intrinsic value, then you will have unlimited potential to explore yourself; and it is a lifelong journey.


Q: Being an athlete and a mother at the same time, how do you balance your work and training?

A: Three words: “figure it out.” I adjust my schedule every day. My work is not so routine and does not have a fixed schedule, but I always concentrate on the thing I am doing at the moment. When I am training, I don’t think of my son. When I am with him, I leave my mobile phone somewhere else and focus on spending time with him. It is not easy to balance these identities, but there must be a way.


Q: What impact or gains does running bring to you?

A: For me, running is like the epitome of life. You feel disappointed, happy, insistent, and painful in just a few hours. When I am running, I learn to know myself more and more. In pain, people will be forced to grow and learn. Running is much the same as pain, but when you break through the bottleneck, you will find a stronger self.


Q: Any suggestions for friends who want to try long-distance running?

A: First of all, do not rush. This is a long-term exercise, so take it step by step. You won’t see the effect within a short time as results accumulate very slowly. You need to pay attention to the warning signs from your own body at all times. If you feel uncomfortable or pain, you must adjust the amount of exercise. As for the running gear, it is not recommended to follow what elite athletes wear. What looks good on them may not be suitable for you. For beginners, I suggest you join a running group. There are many such groups in the FB community. Running in groups is more interesting than running alone and you get motivated to continue.

Long-distance running is a sport that requires willpower and hard work. During training or competitions, you may shout out in your mind “I’m tired! I can’t run” or “I want to give up”…. Never do that. I know it is hard (Laugh). Think about what you really want and stick to it. Then, you will see your own progress little by little.


Q: Which place in Taiwan is the most interesting to you or attracts you?

A: Taiwan is not very big, but it has everything, whether it is a large or small hill or a vast ocean. All these natural sceneries are beyond imagination. Taiwan has a lot of mountains over 3000 meters, such as Xueshan, Yushan or Jiaminghu. All these magnificent mountains bring you a panoramic view, which will release your feelings of body, mind and soul. Everyone should visit those places if possible.


Q: What do you expect the most from a hotel stay?

A: The hotel should be located where it is convenient for transportation, supermarkets and MRT stations. I don’t care about luxurious facilities or avant-garde designs. I only hope the hotel gives me a home-coming feeling.


Q: What is your impression of the hotels of the Taipei Inn Group?

A: Hotels under the Taipei Inn Group do not look like hotels at all. Instead, they are more like miniature art galleries. I remember that masterpieces created by different artists were displayed on each floor of the CityInn Hotel on Fuxing North Road. Walking up and down around the whole building, you would have visited several exhibitions at one time.

Counter staff there were also very kind to offer intimate and high-quality services. I feel very safe to stay at the Taipei Inn Group properties.

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