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Liu Xuan
An all-round creator

Liu Xuan holds a bachelor’s degree from Harvard University and a Master’s in Psychology from the Harvard College of Education and boasts a creative identity across different industries as a writer, business lecturer, brand consultant, music producer, and presenter. Due to his high education, mixed cultural backgrounds of eastern and western, and avant-garde art trends, he has become a leader of the new fashion in Taiwan, as well as has supported the development of many new cultural ideas. In recent years, Liu Xuan has been committed to establishing a new media psychological education platform combined with video production with other online science and technology professors of practical psychology.

XUAN https://www.facebook.com/i.am.xuan.liu/

Q & A

Q:How do you start your day?

A:Starting from breakfast, a cup of coffee and a book. I have to drive my kids to school after reading about 2 to 3 pages.


Q:Where do you visit the most?

A:Dazhi and Neihu
If you want to bump into me, you can go around Meiti Riverside Park in Dazhi more often.


Q:Which restaurant do you often visit?

Yellow Lemon
If it is crowded, you can order YELLOW ART, a dessert which incorporates arts. The chef will perform live, which is interesting.

Osteria by Angie – Authentic Italian Restaurant
The food is fresh, and it is not seasoned too much. The dishes are only cooked with olive oil. The atmosphere is also great.

Pin Pin Fei Mi Shi
The name is special, and the owner is also a character. Her stinky tofu with steamed pork … amazing!


Q:What do you do for leisure after work?

A:Exercising and being with my family (you must think that I’m a boring person!)


Q:What book have you recently read? Do you have any realizations or feelings about the book?

A:Thank You for Being Late by Thomas L. Friedman
He is a columnist of New York Times, and tells us the impact of new technology on our lives through this book. When he is a journalist, some guests would be late from time to time, but this gave him much more time to think. This is the reason that he says thank you for being late. He can look around, listen to the voices around, and find more inspirations. If the guests said sorry for being late when coming, he would reply, “No, thank you for being late!” This is also another perspective for living optimistically. This book consists of international politics, technology development, market trend, ethics and natural environment. It concludes significant issues in modern and future societies. It is a thick book which I highly recommend, so you can take a look if you are interested.


Q:What do you find the most interesting or appealing in Taiwan?

A:I like visiting Taitung, especially Dulan, where I can see a totally different landscape and the pace of life. A lot of foreigners also take a trip there, and their cultures can be inclusive into this city. I feel relaxed every time I went there.
The view in Luye Gaotai is also breathtaking. The scenery in Taiwan is really comparable to that in foreign countries.


Q:What are your expectations of staying at the Hotel?

When I stay in the hotel, I would care if I can feel the local culture corresponding to the hotel in its design. This will give me quite a few inspirations. Only a room and a bed is not enough as culture is also important.


Q:What is your impression of the hotels of Taipei Inn Group?

A:Fantastic!!! (laugh)
I’ve been noticing the hotels for several years, and either the location or the hardware and software are satisfying. For their interior design, local artists’ creations are combined, which offers them one more platform. I think having a stage to present oneself is hard to come by. What’s more, this design can turn the hotels into a place with thoughts and cultures.

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