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Trendy Stylish Entrepreneur and Designer

The PUPUPEPE website, established in 2007, has been a mainstay in the fashion industry for more than ten years and can boast more than 50 million hits. VOGUE Taiwan reported that PUPUPEPE is “The Most Popular Digital Platform in Taiwan Today”, and Peggy is one of the most influential leaders in digital commentary in Taiwan.

Having studied and worked in Japan and London, Peggy’s imagination is shaped by these two cities’ extremely diverse popular cultures. These cultures have been the inspiration for Peggy in creating her unique and elegant style. Peggy’s story has been covered by more than 20 national and international publications, such as VOGUE and ELLE, and she is well-known in the fashion industry. With her passion and acute awareness of changing fashion, Peggy has become one of the most popular fashion bloggers in Taiwan’s fashion circle.

Peggy is multi-talented; She is a fashion entrepreneur and a fashion designer. She was selected in “The Top 50 Digital Influential Representatives of Asia” by Hong Kong magazine, Legend. In recent times, Peggy has frequently attended international fashion week and is very active in Taiwan’s and the International fashion industry.

Q & A

Q:How do you start your day?

A:Morning is very hectic for me. Before I leave for work, I drink a small cup of olive oil as a way to keep my stomach healthy. After arriving at my office, I will drink a cup of coffee to refresh my brain and then have meetings with my team to discuss my work schedule.


Q:Where do you visit the most?

A:I have long work hours, so I stay in my office quite often. My office is close to MRT Dongmen Station. Places that I usually visit or pass by are quite similar. It’s either Da’an District or Xinyi District. In particular, I usually meet with clients, attend brand-focused marketing events, or have photo shoots at Xinyi District. Today is an exception. I am here at Zhongshan District’s CityInn Hotel which is quite different from where I am used to being.


Q:Which restaurant do you often visit?

A:The restaurant called “les piccola” near my office. It is known as the little Paris of Jinhua Street. The decor and atmosphere of the restaurant makes you feel like you are in romantic and elegant City of Paris. It’s a good place to take pictures and enjoy good food. I recommend the “Banana Cheese Pancake with Cream and Honey” that is prepared to order. With a latte, it is the perfect afternoon tea time indulgence.
les piccola https://www.facebook.com/lespiccola

Also, I recommend an Italian restaurant, “DiVino,” which is owned by an Italian and is close to MRT Xinyi Anhe Station. Sometimes the owner will serve your table and drink with you. It is relaxing over there. Their Dry-Aged Ribeye Steak with lettuce and fries on the side goes really well with the gravy and tastes super good!
DiVino https://www.facebook.com/divinotaipei


Q:What do you do for leisure after work?

A:I watch a lot of dramas, particularly American dramas. Recently I watched a lot of “America’s Next Top Model.” I love it! I have also recently been obsessed with “Identity,” a mobile game, and I force my colleagues to download it to play with me! (LOL)
When I am off work or on vacation, I try to keep away from the crowds and rarely go shopping. I prefer to stay at home and relax.


Q:What book have you recently read? Do you have any realizations or feelings about the book?

A:“I Want to Thank You Today Too! Creating the Miracle of Management” written by Yoshio Kobayashi.
It’s not easy being a boss. I have had my own business for 2~3 years, and even now I am still learning how to be a good boss and a manager. This book is about a supervisor who is called the “Evil Manager” or “Cold-Blooded Person” by his subordinates. His management style results in a high turnover rate, lots of complaints, and low morale for workers, which makes him determined to change.
This also allowed me to pay a close attention to the “Harmony among People” which will enable me to deal with different situations in a more well-rounded manner and put myself into the employees’ shoes. As long as I have time, I will chat with colleagues and show I care for them.


Q:Please recommend the must-haves for any girl’s wardrobe.

A:“white blouse” that is made of chiffon or Rayon fabric with sheen and is wrinkle-free. Nowadays everyone is too busy to iron shirts. This kind of cloth is easy to match with your office look. Also, a “pencil skirt.” I suggest buying pencil skirts made of printed or bright-colored fabric. It won’t be a boring look if you match the two pieces. The outfit will make a statement.


Q:The must-have item to go out with?

A:“ring.” I don’t feel comfortable whenever I don’t wear a ring. It is like a lucky charm for me.


Q:The transition from an office lady to a full-time “fashion blogger”?

A:I was an office lady for the past three years, and afterward I created my own online shop selling clothes that I designed and made the patterns make. Every month I traveled to Europe and Japan to select home decorations and clothing accessories.
Everything went well for the first three months. However, after six months, I discovered it was not easy. It was my first time as an owner of a business, and I did not thoroughly understand the market and the management that I need. I did not even pay a salary to myself for the first two years. It is very important to have a job with a stable income. I could manage for one or two years without any salary, but will it be like this in the future? After a serious consideration, I decided to end my business. In addition to running my own business, I was also writing blog posts and working on multiple cases as a freelancer at the same time. After closing my business, I considered the possibility of turning my interests into a real job! When I was an office lady, I would ask my colleagues to take pictures of me during lunch breaks and shared my look of the day on my blog. Then, when I was studying in Japan and UK, I kept writing blog posts. I found my passion there, and I am very motivated to keep my own blog. Through sharing and learning, I do not limit myself.
Because now I am not in a one-person company but working with a team, our team will try to get more cases or do cross-over cooperation. This helps our team to grow together and let others to see more of what we can do.


Q:You are a slashie. Being a slashie is a trend for this generation. What are some suggestions that you can give to other fellow slashies?

A:For me, being a slashie does not mean how many part-time jobs you have, but that you can make the most from what you are passionate about without being a working poor. Slashie can bring you more income and more identities, but more important than that, being a slashie is an attitude toward life.
No matter what you want to do, the key point is that you have to understand what you really want. You can start with extending your expertise to have a diverse career development. However, do not consider doing everything. It will make you know nothing. You must lay the foundation. Be prepared and constantly look for opportunities.


Q:What do you find the most interesting or appealing in Taiwan?

A:Taipei is a very interesting place. It is a restless city where 24-hour massage is available, hot pot restaurants run through to the early morning, and restaurants on the Fuxing S. Road offer congee and side dishes. The shops and restaurants in Taipei have long business hours, which is quite different from those in the foreign countries.
If you have time, I recommend you take a day-trip, starting from Xindian. Hike from Yinhe Cave’s Yueling Trail to Zhanghu Trail, and then visit Longmen Restaurant at Maokong to have some tea and appreciate the view. Then take the Maokong Gondola back to the city. This day-trip will give you a good night’s sleep. Just remember to wear non-slip shoes because you will pass a waterfall that wets the ground. So be careful when hiking over there.


Q:What are your expectations of staying at the Hotel?

A:I have high expectations for the hotel’s restaurants and its overall interior design. When choosing a hotel to stay in, I will always choose hotels with a special design that can surprise me.


Q:What is your impression of the hotels of Taipei Inn Group?

A:Dandy Hotel, close to Daan Park. The hotel is close to my office. Sometimes when I pass by, I see the windows and the lobby decorated with green plants, which appeals to my eyes and cools me down during this hot summer. CityInn Hotel Plus Fuxing N. Rd. Branch features buildings made of fair-faced concrete. The overall design of the building is simple, well-executed, and stylish, which makes it look very spacious.

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