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Zhuang Yu-jie
Rock and Roll Sweetheart Anchor

Zhuang Yu-jie, the current CTS(Chinese Television System Inc.) news anchor, had been in a band since senior high school. She was the lead singer for “Slimo” during university, and appeared on the stage of Spring Scream for 3 consecutive years, and also released an EP. Zhuang joined the independent folk rock band “The Tic Tac” later on as the drummer. Her signature performance was having the big drum moved to the front of the stage for her to play.



Q & A

Q: How do you start your day?

A: It all begins with sleeping in. When the alarm starts ringing, I try to get as much extra sleep as I can and waste no time on preparation, then I’d check my LINE messages to see what I have to accomplish for the day. Luckily I live very close to my work place, so a picturesque morning does not exist in my daily routine (haha).


Q: What places do you visit regularly?

A: Nearby areas of CTS(Chinese Television System Inc.), workshop (Banqiao), Live house.


Q: What restaurants do you visit most often?

1. Dazhong Vegetarian Restaurant, which is inside Yansan Night Market (close to Daqiaotou Station), and I recommend vegetarian meatballs and bean curd noodles.

2. At Tic Tac Cafe, I recommend the cocoa espresso, as chocolate with espresso just lifts up your spirit and sweetness. The melon milk tea is also pretty good, with a light melon aroma and rich milk flavor, and I recommend adding extra sugar or honey.

Facebook page: www.facebook.com/tictaccaf/


Q: What is your after-work entertainment?

A: Practicing with the band, creating music, and watching movies and TV series. I recently started watching a German series called “Dark,” and it is so good! I think the aesthetics between Europe and America are kind of different, so their performance of drama is different as well, plus German productions often have philosophical connotations, which makes the content in their movies and TV series quite profound and thought provoking.


Q: What book have you read recently? What thoughts or feelings did you have about the book?

A: “Love in the Time of Cholera” is a romance novel that depicts a love triangle that lasts for more than half a century. After finishing the novel, I felt like I was the lead female character (lol), and I also understood from reading the novel that romance is the persistence in something in a chaotic and uncontrollable environment. This is a great novel, and it makes you want to read it all over again when you are finished with it. I once heard from someone that a novelist will set a threshold, and once you cross it you will be able to enter his/her literal world immediately. I am not sure if that’s because this author had written other novels, but when you are reading this novel, it is very easy to understand that the story he wants to narrate.


Q: The plan of completing an EP at the age of 30 will have to begin from scratch. What is it that motivates you to keep pursuing your dream?

A: Becoming 30 is like a watershed moment of my growth, a kind of ceremonial sense I guess.

At that time, I had already been working at CTS for quite a long while. I thought about whether it was time to change my working environment, and just at that time, The Tic Tac decided to release an album. I thought to myself that this may be the time for me to get serious about something. It wasn’t like I had to give up something else in order to accomplish my dreams because if you really want to accomplish a specific objective, it really wouldn’t matter if you had a job or not.

A lot of my friends have been working diligently while also creating music, and have they given up on their dreams? They just didn’t announce what they were doing to the world. I think the reason is because a lot of people consider my job to be a relatively good career choice, so my leaving the anchor position at the station attracted a lot of attention. I am not that great to be honest. What is great is the “lifetime pursuit in doing one thing well,” and your dreams are not so unreachable as long as you decide whether you “want to or not”.


Q: What is music to you?

A: From the perspective of listening, it is like a mirror because you can’t deceive it, and the feelings of the moment are reflected in the music you choose. One thing that I find interesting is that you are able to analyze your friend’s hobbies and behaviors through their choice of music when you talk to them. During the creation process, a person’s traits will be manifested in his/her arrangement and performance methods, which is similar to my description of “like a mirror.”


Q: Which place in Taiwan is the most interesting to you or attracts you?

A: Taiwan is a very attractive place for me because it is a place with a high degree of freedom. Personally, I think Taiwan is considered relatively prosperous, but it seems that everyone is just used to the way things are without truly realizing how good it is.

As for public safety, it is pretty safe to walk alone on the streets in the middle of the night, which is a quite a dangerous thing to do in other countries. 24/7 convenience stores, fast food chains, cosmetic retailers, and superstores, as well as night markets that also offer delicious snacks from all over the world, are just some of the many reasons that make Taiwan a great place to live!


Q: What do you expect the most from a hotel stay?

A: Rather than expectation, it’s more like my standard for accommodation. I put extra emphasis on bathroom space when I look for accommodation, for it has to be bright and spacious, and it would be wonderful if it has a separate bath and shower.


Q: What is your impression of the hotels of the Taipei Inn Group?

A: I often walk pass Ambience, and it is usually when I go out and buy late night snacks (lol). Every time I visit, I’m taken aback by the fashionable, bright and clean interior and the friendly counter staff who would offer you a glass of water when checking in! I highly recommend the spacious and brightly lit bathroom space, which I believe would be loved by the ladies, and the marble counter is so gorgeous that I’ve even taken a few beauty shots (haha).

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